CEREC patient marketing material


Winning over your patients

CEREC treatments offer your patients a completely new treatment result in just one appointment and moreover excellent restoration results.

Present your service spectrum and qualities in the best possible light and generate trust in the CEREC method in your patients.

To achieve this, we have created a number of CEREC marketing materials, which you can use individually to promote CEREC in your practice.

We hope that these materials provide further assistance – wishing you much success and fun with CEREC!


“Lots of my patients refer to information that they got prior to treatment, for example during Internet research, which brought my site to their attention. The material on CEREC from Sirona is a great help in terms of providing initial information and also for acquiring new patients.”


Wolfgang Lüder, Dentist in Rosenheim, Germany

Online support with the CEREC patient website

We have created a CEREC patient microsite that is designed to help you market your CEREC services. On this site the CEREC method and its advantages are clearly illustrated.

You can use online banners, which we will also provide free of charge, to link from your website to the CEREC patient website. This saves you the trouble of integrating and updating CEREC images and texts on your practice website.

Personalized website – just for you!

But that’s not all. We went one step further and would like to offer you our additional service of personalizing the website free of charge. Just go to only-one-visit.com/signup/ and enter the contact details of your practice, which will then appear at the bottom of only-one-visit.com.

What’s more, you can add your practice name to the URL (e.g., only-one-visit.com/drdoe). You can use this personalized URL for marketing purposes (appointment cards or other items).


Online banners

With these online banners you can link to your CEREC patient website or place online ads to your practice website. Simply choose the appropriate format for your requirements.

CEREC patient clip

What does CEREC stand for? What does a treatment look like? What advantages does the patient have?
All of this information is clearly described in this clip.



Presentation for the screen in the waiting room

Increase awareness for CEREC treatments among your patients – in a relaxed atmosphere right in your waiting room. The presentation attracts your patients’ interest – who then become curious and reach out to you to learn more about the treatment method.


Printed forms

Sirona supports you by providing a waiting room poster, a flyer and appointment cards.
You can order these materials from your dealer.

Alternatively, you can download the printing data and print the material directly at your practice.